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Wider than stock JK fenders?
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I’m planning to come up to WA first and wheel for a bit. See how things are. My build plans have been to do a TT next. I’ll probably stick with that. A TT can’t hurt. Then my rig will be perfect on 33’s. If I do decide to go to 35’s I’ll MCE or Highline. I’m not sure with 3” SL and 1.25” BL I can run 35’s with MCE fenders. Maybe you can straighten me out on that question. Yes, no, maybe, more bumpstop? 

Spokane, east side. Not as much wheelin over there but I hope to make it out to Rimrock area.

Yeah Rimrock, Naches, Manastash, and Liberty are a few hours away, but still doable for a weekend.  Northern Idaho is also beautiful and has some trails.  

With all the clearance of a TT, lockers, and gears, your Jeep will go everywhere in WA during the summer and fall on 33s.  The bigger tires mainly start coming in handy in the snow.  But even with 33s, if you air way down, you will still do pretty well.  

With a 3" lift and 1.25" BL, you'll fit 35s and our fenders.  A ~4", 35s, and MCE Fenders are a pretty common TJ setup.  A good friend of mine runs 35s with a really flexy 3" long arm suspension, and gets into the fenders slightly at full articulation, but not enough to hurt anything.

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