Gobi Racks

12 weeks minimum build time prior to shipping.

GOBI USA BEGAN WITH A VISION – TO BUILD A DURABLE, ATTRACTIVE UTILITY STORAGE RACK. Using state of the art materials with modern design concepts. For far too long the discerning off-road enthusiast has had to choose between good looks and functionality: accessories have been either handsome but rather flimsy, or rugged but plain and boxy-looking. When you think of the investment you’ve made in your off-road machine, wouldn’t you prefer to have accessories that are developed to blend with and enhance the automaker’s design and be so durable that they will outlive the vehicle? This is the focus of GOBI- “GOBI strives to make a  difference” – difference in the belief that racks & accessories don’t have to be ugly to be powerful. GOBI uses only the highest-grade materials: our racks are engineered to the maximum capacity that your vehicle can handle. Yet they are developed to seamlessly integrate with the automaker’s design concept giving your vehicle a classy, bold look.

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