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Why LED’s you ask?

LED’s offer Light Strength, Reliability, they are safer for the environment, and last but not least, they are light on the wallet. The Green Choice: Comparing apples to apples, or light output to light output, LED lights are smaller, which in turn leave a smaller footprint on the earth. LED's use fewer resources to manufacture. Many other light options out there use gas to create the actual light output. For Xenon lights, also known as HID, the gas used is Xenon, and they contain Mercury which has harmful effects on the environment. Let’s keep the earth around for as long as possible so we can keep having fun!


The number one cause of a failure on a vehicle is heat. From a wheel bearing to a transmission, heat is no good. The same is said for lights. As stated in Car and Driver in their April 2013 issue, LED lights are “Essentially specks of doped silicon on a circuit board, LED’s are frugal because they convert energy to light with minimal waste of heat.” This allows our LED lights to live a long life of over 60,000 hours. All of this while being at least half the size of conventional alternatives. For the amount of light output these lights put out they only use a fraction of the power of alternative methods. They produce almost no heat, are water resistant, and most importantly, very small. There is no need to run large 6" circle lights on your vehicle, which suck up a lot of amperage while producing less lumen than our lights. When running a fair share of incandescent lights, an alternator upgrade is necessary, but not with LEDs, the savings don't stop on the initial purchase.

These last a lot longer than normal halogen bulbs, and even come with a Lifetime Warranty!

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