OX Locker

OX Lockers are MADE IN USA and offer superior reliability and performance. They are offered with the widest variety of options available using, 100% mechanical, air, or electric shifting systems. The locking differential is the same regardless of your choice of shift system, allowing an easy switch from one shift system to another.   In addition all lockers and shift systems are compatible with our failsafe mechanical backup locking device.
The internal shifting mechanism is 100% mechanical even when used with the pneumatic or electrical shift systems. Shifting actuation is accomplished thru a shift fork mounted in a heavy duty differential cover that engages into the carriers shift or locking ring much like a typical manual shift transmission. This mechanical shift mechanism eliminates some of the common failure points such as rotating pneumatic seals, electrical contacts, magnets etc.
OX makes every attempt to make the installation of our lockers easy by, double drilling ring gear mount flanges for the different ring gear bolt diameters available, factory stock bearing sizes where possible, and a shift system design that requires no internal plumbing or housing modifications.

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